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About Liberty Lighthouse

Liberty Lighthouse is dedicated to guiding Americans back to the constitutional principles envisioned by our Founding Fathers. Founded by Peter Serefine, a constitutional originalist, US Navy veteran, and passionate educator, Liberty Lighthouse offers a wealth of resources designed to educate and inspire.

Our mission is to promote a deeper understanding of the U.S. Constitution, emphasizing limited government, individual liberty, and the original intent of the Founders. Through our weekly articles on Substack, in-depth white papers, and comprehensive online courses, we strive to equip citizens with the knowledge they need to advocate for constitutional governance.

At Liberty Lighthouse, we believe in the importance of historical accuracy, reasoned discourse, and the protection of minority rights over majority rule. Join us on our journey to restore the constitutional principles that are the foundation of American liberty.

How Liberty Lighthouse Started

In 2014, Peter Serefine began to delve deeply into politics and quickly realized that something was fundamentally wrong. Determined to make a difference, he decided to take action. He started by writing his first book, which set the stage for his mission to educate others about the Constitution and the principles of limited government.

Peter's journey continued as he began to blog and later launched a podcast, spreading his message to a growing audience. His dedication and passion led him to write three more books, each exploring different facets of constitutional governance and American liberty. The podcast's success transformed it into a live call-in radio show, where Peter engaged directly with listeners on pressing political issues.

Throughout this period, Peter's understanding deepened, and he came to a pivotal realization: the Constitution is what made America great, and adhering to its principles is our best chance at greatness once again. This epiphany became the cornerstone of his mission.

In 2023, Peter decided to stop his radio show to focus entirely on writing. Since then, he has authored several white papers and posts multiple articles every week, all dedicated to guiding Americans back to constitutional principles.

Liberty Lighthouse stands as a testament to Peter’s unwavering commitment to constitutional education, offering a wealth of resources to inspire and inform citizens about the original intent of our Founding Fathers.

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