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Welcome to Liberty Lighthouse, your beacon of constitutional enlightenment in the online political sphere. Founded and meticulously curated by Peter Serefine, a distinguished Patriot Academy Constitutional Coach, instructor for the Institute on the Constitution, Pennsylvania State Constable, Navy veteran, and accomplished author, our blog is dedicated to fostering a deep understanding of constitutional principles and preserving the bedrock values of the United States.

At Liberty Lighthouse, we illuminate the path to constitutional knowledge, emphasizing the enduring significance of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Our commitment extends beyond insightful articles and opinions on contemporary political issues — we proudly offer courses on the Constitution, designed to empower individuals with a profound grasp of the nation's foundational document.

As Peter Serefine passionately advocates for the principles of a constitutionally limited government, we invite you to explore our rich repository of content. Here, you'll find well-researched articles, thought-provoking opinions, and the opportunity to engage in an enlightening journey towards a deeper understanding of the United States Constitution.

Thank you for joining us at Liberty Lighthouse, where the flame of constitutional education burns bright.

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