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"Trust Shattered: Cases of Government Betrayal" is a piercing examination of the United States government's historical and contemporary oversteps against the very citizens it vows to protect.

King George III of Great Britain is often depicted as the personification of tyranny, with his oppressive policies and heavy-handed rule serving as the catalyst for the American Revolution. However, in the present era, as we navigate the complexities of our own government, it is imperative to critically examine whether the federal government has, in some respects, surpassed the oppressive tendencies of King George.

 This book, titled A More Tyrannical King: How the Federal Government Has Become More Oppressive Than King George, aims to delve into this notion and shed light on the evolving relationship between government authority and individual liberties.

 By examining key aspects such as the executive branch's overreach, the surveillance state, the burdensome regulatory apparatus, and the complex tax system, we aim to provide a comprehensive analysis of the modern challenges facing our nation's commitment to limited government and individual rights.

A More Tyrannical King Cover
So Simple Even A Politician Can Understand Cover
Book Authority Award

Sometimes the answers we seek are so simple that we overlook them. The ideas presented in this book are just that, simple ideas that are largely overlooked. They may not be perfect solutions. They may not even be solutions at all, which is why they are called ideas. The idea for this book struck me during an interview with Cliff Oxford for my show, Liberty Lighthouse. Within a week of that interview, I had begun writing. Over the past two years of hosting Liberty Lighthouse, many simple ideas have come up. This book is a collection of those ideas.

This book is an average man and first-time writer's condensed review of social progress in the United States of America.  The author makes observations of controversial topics and hopes to inspire the reader to ask some very important questions.  Where is social progress taking our country?  Has the march of progress become a sprint?  Is America approaching a second revolution?

Progress Really? Cover
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