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Trust Shattered:
Cases of Government Betrayal

Trust Shattered Cover image


"Trust Shattered: Cases of Government Betrayal" is a piercing examination of the United States government's historical and contemporary oversteps against the very citizens it vows to protect. Authored by Peter A. Serefine, Jr., a U.S. Navy veteran and constitutional educator, this book scrutinizes the paradox of a protector turned predator through detailed accounts of government misconduct.

Serefine dissects a series of harrowing episodes, from clandestine experiments on unsuspecting individuals to the systematic erosion of civil liberties and property rights. The book is meticulously structured into three gripping sections, each reflecting one of John Locke's core principles—life, liberty, and property—drawing a thread from philosophical foundations to tangible historical events.

Part One, "Betrayed Bodies," uncovers the grim reality of government-sanctioned medical experiments, while Part Two, "Betrayed Liberties," recounts the subtle and overt ways personal freedoms have been undercut in the name of national security and progress. The final section, "Betrayed Estates," challenges the reader to reconsider the security of property rights under the shadow of eminent domain and regulatory overreach.

"Trust Shattered" is more than a historical record; it is an impassioned call to awareness and action. With an educator’s precision, Serefine emphasizes the necessity of understanding one's rights to recognize and resist their infringement. The book stands as a tribute to those who have suffered under government betrayal and as a beacon to future generations to uphold the tenets of justice, transparency, and accountability. Through "Trust Shattered," Serefine seeks to ignite a renewed commitment to the Constitution and to ensure that trust once broken can be restored and fortified.

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