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It is always important to reflect on change and learn from experiences. In my book, I seek to bring socio-political issues to the forefront for dissection. Progress has had great power to change and shape American culture over the course of my lifetime. I wish to compare the history of policies to their current state in the hopes to help bring up important issues for the reader.

I begin by talking about education in America. What has changed and what has the result been? What have we gained and what have we lost? Have we gotten caught up in trying to honor the uniqueness in every student that we neglect the teaching? I continue by discussing the issue of uniqueness and entitlement among people raised during the height of progressive change in public education; everybody gets a trophy. The following chapters discuss the issues of sexuality, morality, and political correctness. Where do we draw the line? Rather, where should we draw the line? I examine the effects of political correctness on our culture here.

Labor Unions, government, and individual rights have all been greatly affected by progress. It seems as progress continues, government grows at the cost of individual rights. Citizenship should not be a complex or confusing experience, yet it’s so easy to misstep because of advances in progress. Then comes revolution. Many people regardless of political affiliation agree that revolution is coming – if not already here. Do not assume revolution must be violent – I suggest nonviolent means of revolution in this chapter.

Progress, Really?