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Transparency letter to Congress

Members of Congress, We The People want more transparency from our government. We want bills and resolutions that we can read and understand without hiring attorneys. One step in the right direction is to pass H.R. 46 - One Bill, One Subject Transparency Act. We know that your initial response will be something to the effect of, “you just don’t know how government works.” You are right. We don’t know what goes on in Congress. What we do see looks more like a mob racket than governing. We see the bad bills with no support being added as amendments to must-pass bills. We see money being spent in very specific locations where members of Congress happen to own property. We see that your investment account miraculously earn double what ours earn. We see that bills the American people want to pass sit in committee until they die while bills big lobby groups want passed get fast-tracked. We see your families getting rich even while We The People you represent struggle with inflation. We may not know how government works today, but what we do know looks corrupt. Show us that you have our best interests in mind. Give us the transparency we deserve as citizens. Start by signing the petition to support H.R. 46. ( Pass it out of committee today. Then pass H.R. 46 - One Bill, One Subject Transparency Act into law. Sincerely, Your constituents

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