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One Bill, One Subject Transparency Act

Politics in the United States has become far too complex.

Simple single issues are almost never even addressed by our elected lawmakers. Single-issue bills become Christmas tree bills. Every lawmaker with a cause attaches an amendment like an ornament. Money and lobbyists become involved with every proposal. Simple bills become thousands of pages long overnight. In short, Washington D.C. just doesn’t understand “simple” anymore.

Our founding fathers wrote the framework of a brand new form of government in 4,543 words. The United States Constitution defined the three branches of government and enumerated the powers of each branch in less than 5,000 words. Include the 27 amendments and today’s constitution is still only 7,591 words. Today our federal government regularly passes laws containing over 8,000 pages. The Constitution can be read and understood by anyone with a tenth-grade reading level. Nothing our government does in the twenty-first century can be understood without a juris doctorate degree, if then.

It is time We The People return simplicity to WashingtonD.C. It is time our elected officials start writing laws that everyone can understand. Citizens of the United States should not have to hire professionals just to pay taxes. Entrepreneurs should not have to hire attorneys just to decipher the mountain of regulations from multiple agencies when trying to start a business. It is time the government starts doing its job for the people and stops governing over the people. We have a right to understand the laws our government passes.

HR 46: One Bill, One Subject Transparency Act would be a big step towards understanding federal law again. HR 46 would do more for getting Washington, DC under control than any other bill presented in decades. One Bill, One Subject would eliminate huge amounts of shady deals and earmarks while providing transparency We The People so desperately need.

The official summary of the bill states: (a) One Subject.—Each bill or joint resolution shall embrace no more than one subject. (b) Subject In Title.—The subject of a bill or joint resolution shall be clearly and descriptively expressed in the title. (c) Appropriation Bills.—An appropriations bill shall not contain any general legislation or change of existing law provision which is not germane to the subject matter of the underlying bill. This subsection does not prohibit any provision imposing limitations upon the expenditure of appropriated funds.

Passing HR 46 One Bill, One Subject Transparency Act could be the greatest administrative accomplishment of the United States since passing the Bill of Rights in 1791.

You can read the entire one-page bill at

Politicians will claim that this is just not how politics is done anymore. That is exactly the point. We The People are tired of bad laws being tacked on to other bills as amendments. We are fed up with our federal tax money getting handed out to specific favored districts. We are disgusted by bills so long that nobody reads them until it is too late. If a bill can't stand alone on its own merits then it should not pass into law.

Tell Congress that you want transparency back and corruption exposed by signing the petition demanding a vote on HR 46 - One Bill, One Subject Transparency Act at

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