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Inauguration Hypocrisy

The inauguration of Joe Biden was progressive movement hypocrisy on display. Do you remember all of the new woke progressive culture rules? I can't keep up and apparently neither can the progressives. The inauguration of Joe Biden shined a spotlight on the progressive hypocrisy or the political theater of the day. Okay, maybe it wasn't a spotlight. Maybe you had to pay attention to notice, but I noticed. The Wuhan Flu certainly changed the inauguration ceremony. There weren't very many people in attendance. The chairs were all set up at the recommended six-foot social distance. After all, the deadly pandemic is very scary. The lawmakers and invited guests were not too scared though. Many of them still greeted each other with handshakes and hugs. That fact makes me wonder if they were ever scared or was it all for show the entire time? If it was a show, maybe the show is over now that Trump is gone. What about the stars and stripes? Remember a few minutes ago when old glory was a symbol of racism and oppression? Progressives are supposed to kneel during the Star Spangled Banner in a symbol of solidarity. None of today's attendees took a knee. The field of flags and reverence from the speakers of the day seem to have forgotten that was the stance du jour. Remember when the Harris campaign said that it was racist to mispronounce Kamala? Did anyone notice Justice Sotomayor mispronounced it? Or is it only racist if a caucasian does it? Speaking of Justice Sotomayor, she was referred to as a "Latina". I thought gendered language was forbidden. I thought those of hispanic dissent were to be referred to as "LatinX" now. What about those racist divisive walls that don't work? That is a difficult argument to make from behind a chain link fence topped with razor wire. Huh, maybe walls do work. Then there is the Almighty. Democrats went so far as to remove God from their official platform not long ago. Progressives have faught for decades to remove all reference to God from all things government. The Innaguration ceremony referenced God several times. In fact, several speakers refered to God and both Kamala and Joe said "so help me God" in their oaths. They had the option to affirm. That would still be constitutional, although unpopular. Progressives, which is it? Are we to believe the show that you put on today or the show you've been producing for years on end? Gendered language is or isn't acceptable? Social distancing does or doesn't save lives? Are We The People supposed to believe that you love Old Glory and God now?

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