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Presidential Candidate Of My Dreams 

Regardless of gender, race, sexuality, age, political party or experience, this candidate would have my 100% support.

I am beholden to you, the citizens of the United States; not to any political party, not to any action committee, not to any lobbying group. I look forward to working with any member of Congress on any issue, regardless of their party affiliation, however there are lines that I will not cross. Members of Congress, consider the following as you work to get bills to the White House.

As your president, I will be honor bound to protect your rights as a US citizen.

  • I will oppose any bill, any policy, or any suggestion that even hints at infringement on the natural or constitutional rights of citizens.

  • I will strive for equal human rights, not the rights of any divisive special interest group.

As your next president I will defend our great republic against the growing federal government.

  • I will veto any bill that bribes or extorts rights or away from the sovereign states of our union.

  • I will call for the removal of any law already violating the 10th amendment and taking from the states and the people.

  • I will strive for the repeal of the 16th and 17th amendments, giving power back to the states and putting money back in the pockets of hard working citizens.

As your president I will simplify the federal government.

  • I will not sign any bill that exceeds 4,000 words. If the entire federal government can be framed in the 4,000 words of the US Constitution, then no law need be so complicated to exceed that limitation.

  • I suggest that Congress begin practicing simple single-issue legislation with a tax code that the average citizen can read and understand without a lawyer or accountant.

I will bring fiscal responsibility back to Washing DC as your next President.

  • I will veto any spending bill that is not part of a balanced budget.

  • I will veto any bill that contains even $1 of pork spending or earmarks.

  • I will push to have the salaries of elected officials tied directly to inflation. No more voting your own raises, Congress.

As president, I will champion the fight to make elected federal officials accountable again.

  • I will demand transparency regarding the funding and lobbying for bills presented to me.

  • I will constantly remind Congress that, regardless of party, the vast majority of their constituents want congressional term limits.

Our federal government has grown unchecked for far too long. It is time fo the power of Washington D.C. to be limited to the enumerated powers in the US Constitution again. It is time that the powers that have been stolen from the sovereign states and from the people to be returned to their rightful place. It is time that our elected representatives be reminded that they work for We The People.

When you elect me as President of the United States of America, I am not going to make friends in Washington. I work for the citizens of the greatest nation on the planet, and it is time that Congress to remember that they do too.

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